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Life Insurance Claims Denial Information - Lawyers Handling Life Insurance Benefits Lawsuits Offer No-Cost, No-Obligation Denial of Death Benefits Case Review

Life Insurance Benefits Lawsuit

Major news sources throughout the United States report that insurance providers are issuing life insurance benefits denials more than ever before. Learning that a life insurance policy is null and void or being denied death benefits after the death of a loved one compounds the emotional trauma of losing a spouse or family member in an already trying time. Unexpected news of a life insurance claim denial leaves many individuals in a state of economic distress. Spouses and family members who received a letter denying a life insurance claim learn all too late that they lack the financial security their loved one had intended. While the economy struggles in the United States and around the world, many insurance companies report record profits.

When buying into a life insurance policy, Americans believe they are making a prudent choice to provide for loved ones after their own death. In the application process, candidates for life insurance are warned that inaccurate or incomplete answers can negate their life insurance policy. Major news stories have reported on a trend of life insurance benefits denials that are invalid. “Since 2008, federal judges have concluded that some insurers cheated survivors by twisting facts, fabricating excuses and ignoring autopsy findings in withholding death benefits,” notes an article in Bloomberg Markets Magazine. Increasingly, the article says, insurance companies are citing controversial or even false reasons to deny death benefits claims. The article describes cases of people who were denied life insurance benefits by MetLife and Prudential based on unsubstantiated claims of suicide or failure to report nonexistent details of their past medical history. “Life insurers have found myriad ways to delay and deny paying death benefits to families, civil court cases across the U.S. show,” the Bloomberg article states. Meanwhile, MetLife and Prudential garnered $6.7 billion and $3.531 billion in net income respectively in 2011. Their CEOs make upwards of $10 million and $23 million.

This website offers comprehensive information for individuals and families who have been issued a denial of death benefits notice for a life insurance policy, including information on why life insurance benefits denials occur, what is rescission of life insurance, who is affected by death benefits denials, as well as answers to frequently asked questions regarding life insurance policies and access to free no-obligation consultations on denial of life insurance benefits lawsuits with life insurance claims lawyers.

Life Insurance Benefits DenialLife Insurance Benefits Denial

Major news sources such as the LA Times and Bloomberg Markets Magazine report that an increasing number of people are facing life insurance claims denial. In some cases, death benefits are denied for false or fabricated reasons, says the LA Times. Being denied life insurance benefits adds another dimension of anxiety and stress on top of losing a spouse or loved one. Our life insurance benefits denial information page explains how life insurance benefits denials work, who is affected by life insurance claims denial, and why experts believe insurance companies are denying more claims than ever before.

Life Insurance RescissionWhat is Rescission?

Rescission of a life insurance policy is the undoing or erasing of the contract. Articles in Daily Finance and other major news sources assert that life insurance rescission is on the rise throughout the United States. Life insurance companies are earning more profits than ever before, and critics of the industry say the rising numbers of rescissions are not accidental. Read our What is Rescission? information page and learn about how rescission works, who it has impacted, and how other beneficiaries have fought back and won against life insurance rescission.

Life Insurance Lawsuits

Life Insurance Lawsuits

People who have been denied death benefits or life insurance claims may be eligible to file a life insurance lawsuit. Consumer advocacy groups have pointed out the lack of government regulation over life insurance benefits denial. In some cases, life insurance lawsuits may be the only means for persons to get their rightful life insurance payouts. Our life insurance lawsuits information page will answer many of your questions as well as provide access to a no-cost, no-obligation life insurance lawsuit case review.

Life Insurance FAQsLife Insurance FAQs

This section provides answers to Life Insurance FAQs - questions about how life insurance works, what life insurance rescission is, how insurance companies are able to deny death benefits claims, why experts think life insurance companies are denying more life insurance claims than ever before, who can file a life insurance lawsuit and the steps to do so, and answers to other life insurance questions you may have.